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We are technologically and professionally capable of providing onsite and/or virtual licensed court interpreters!

Our interpreters are trained and expected to provide competent, simultaneous, and consecutive interpretation of court proceedings.

Those we employ are familiar with and practice the code of ethics in each of their given districts.

Furthermore, our interpreters always arrive punctually with any necessary equipment and/or reference materials in hand. They are as unobtrusive as possible, and discuss beforehand all questions of logistics like best placement in the courtroom, rest periods that may be needed, etc.

The only thing that changes when our representatives are employed virtually is that the interpreter appears via our video conferencing program; all other standards remain the same.

Interpreters are single handedly one of our most requested and necessary services required in the legal world. We at InterpreCourt are a team of interpreters who practice their work ethically and under the letter of the law. We are an agency that you can trust.

Virtual Interpreter

Virtual Interpreter

On Site Interpreter

The only thing that changes when interpreting virtually is that the interpreter is appearing via video conferencing program.

All other standards remain the same.

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