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We are geared towards and are thoroughly trained to transcribe and translate any audio and/or video recordings!

After we have transcribed the original audio/video we then translate them for use in all legal and/or court proceedings. At InterpreCourt, our interpreters or language experts follow all laws and stipulations down to the letter. We worry over and sort through legal jargon and red tape so that you don’t have to!

Foreign language recordings can often be part of evidence in criminal proceedings. This can include police interviews, undercover recordings, wiretaps, phone calls, jail calls, and many others. Said recordings can be audio, video, analog, digital, and often reflect the speech of Limited English Proficient (LEPs) individuals.

To ensure faithfulness and neutrality, the contents of the recording are transcribed verbatim by a forensic transcription expert (much like the individuals we provide). They are charged with the task of rendering in written form every element of speech captured on the recording.

This work is normally carried out at the behest of the court, prosecution, defense, or a law enforcement agency. To have probative value when introduced as evidence in a legal proceeding or as an aid for the jury, a legally equivalent transcription and translation of the original recording must be produced.

InterpreCourt ensures the production of a professional forensic transcription and translation of a recording. We are dedicated to remaining impartial while providing the highest quality in legal transcriptions!





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